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It’s often said that first impressions are everything and making a great first impression online is just as important. That’s why your business needs a web design company that can help you leave a lasting impact when users visit your website. The web design team at Trusted Search Marketing has years of experience creating numerous websites for companies in a variety of different industries. We expertly tailored each site to meet the needs of our those businesses with helpful tools, design, and features that improve the overall user experience. We pride ourselves on providing our clients with highly functional, visually appealing, and informative websites that are sure to keep the interest of your users. Want to learn more about how we can help you business? Request a free consultation!

Web Design Services

Why You Need A Web Design Agency

Did you know that most first impressions of your brand come from your website? Each day, more and more customers find your business through your website, so it’s imperative to provide them with a positive experience that reflects well on your brand as a whole. But, don’t worry. You’re not alone. Our web design company in Lancaster, PA. knows how to marry the web design process with informative content to ensure that viewers trust your brand right from the start. Don’t lose sales and clients by providing a mediocre website experience to your users. Instead, drive more revenue and customers with web design that is easy to navigate and great to look at with our web design company!

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More Than A Web Design Company

Our team of designers are rich in experience when it comes to making visually appealing content that connects with users. We evaluate color schemes, imaging, graphic style, and more. We’re experts when it comes to knowing how to improve overall user experience in subtle, yet effective ways such as: 

  • Logical navigation that aids in the buying process
  • Pages that load quickly and don’t lose customer interest 
  • Visual aids that break up large amounts of content 
  • Mobile-friendly & responsive designs 
  • And so much more!

Digital Marketing Services

SEO Friendly Web Design Services

We’ve been in the business of web design and digital marketing for over 15 years. During that time, we have refined our processes to ensure that we have the most effective way to create websites, no matter the industry. We don’t simply base our web design services on what we think looks nice, but instead, make data driven decisions based upon strong brand knowledge, data and analytics, and extensive SEO research. No matter what type of web design services you’re looking for, we’ll make sure that we implement all of the SEO best practices and features to ensure your website ranks high in the SERPs. Looking to get started with our web design company? Contact us now to get started!

The Web Design Process

Lancaster Web Design Company

Company and Industry Analysis

The first step of web design doesn’t have anything to do with looks, but with understanding our client’s needs and competitive landscape. This allows our team to gather our clients’ goals and requirements so we can include them on the site when we start designing. We also conduct comprehensive keyword research to determine what keywords should rank for each page and develop keyword mapping and information architecture that allows users to move logically through your site. 

We only develop websites that rank well in search engines and that convert traffic into customers. By leveraging your years of experience within the industry we work together to create a website that turns heads, but also turns profit. Being able to balance conversion rate optimization, SEO, and branding is like walking a tightrope and nobody does it better than our team at Trusted Search.

Web Design Company

Information Architecture and Content Optimization

Once our planning is complete we jump into the heart of the website. This includes planning the information architecture, crafting UX concepts, and putting together a robust content marketing strategy. While planning out your site structure we implement a long list of SEO tactics to help your website rank for relevant keywords and making sure search engines can easily crawl and navigate the site. 

All of our websites are built to be responsive. This means that they adapt their user experience to the device on which they are viewed. If a user is on a mobile phone, the content will be optimized for that viewing experience. We also optimize the website for speed by making sure images, files, and code are as optimized as possible.

Web Design Agency

Final Development and Site Launch

Once all the internal parts of the website are complete we add the final layer – the design flare! This is where we ad images, video, and contemporary coding methods to help your website pop! 

When we have final approval from the client and the website is ready to launch we spend countless hours running through multiple QA checklists to make sure that everything is truly ready to go. Besides our internal lists and systems we also use spidering software to emulate how Google will crawl the site to make sure that our SEO efforts are also ready to be launched.

After the launch of the site, we continue to rework our checklists and QA methods to make sure that everything is live and functioning as intended. There is nothing worse than having a client point out an error that we didn’t catch. We work tirelessly to make sure that it never happens to us. We aim for perfection!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does Trusted Search Marketing design websites?

    Our website design process includes three steps. 1. We design websites for the user and optimize them with conversion rate optimization. The main focus here is appeal to the user and encourage them to convert. 2. We design websites for SEO. This is to ensure we are abiding by Google and Bing’s rules and best practices with the goal of increasing your website’s position in the  search engine result pages (SERPs). 3. We design websites to be mobile-friendly with responsive design since the majority of users search for websites using their mobile devices.

  • How important is a responsive design website?

    Very important! In fact, having a mobile-friendly and responsive design website is now a top ranking factor in the eyes of Google and Bing. As mobile use continues to grow, so does Google and Bing’s emphasis on responsive design. Beyond that, when you think about it from a user perspective, mobile-friendly and responsive design websites just make sense. Have you every come across a website that wasn’t mobile-friendly or didn’t have responsive design? Those websites are difficult to navigate and overall a terrible experience for the user.

  • How do I know when I need to update my website?

    If your website is not converting, is slow, uses outdated code, and/or is no longer competitive, then it is time for a new website. A new website, if done really well, can have a significant impact on your conversions and bottom-line. So, it is important to update your website as often as possible. In general, most company’s update their website every 3-5 years.

  • Will it be easy to update my site?

    This is a tough question to answer. The answer is, it depends. Depending on your website and the platform you use, some websites are easier to update than others. Generally speaking, most (good) web design agencies can update any website, no matter what it looks like or how outdated it is. The two biggest driving factors for updating a website are how much time it will take to update and how much budget the client is willing to spend.

  • How much does it cost to build a new website?

    It depends on what your goals are and what type of functionality you want. Just like everything else, you get what you pay for. Typically, for a small business looking to build a new website, a well-designed website can cost anywhere from $3,000-$10,000.