Once considered a marketing strategy for brands with huge marketing budgets, video marketing is now more mainstream than ever. Today 85% of businesses use video in marketing, while 92% of marketers report video advertising is critical to their digital marketing strategies.

And they’re on the right track since 72% of consumers say they’d rather watch a short video to learn about a business than reading text, while 95% say they understand and retain a message better if delivered in video.

This is expected since videos are intriguing and deliver content in a visual, easy-to-digest format. For marketers, videos are a creative outlet, allowing them to create fun, unique brand content the audience will love. But to achieve the desired impact, marketers must create quality and engaging videos.

Up your marketing efforts by video production.

video ads as a marketing tool for your business

The Benefits of Video Marketing

If you want to know how big video content is in 2021, consider YouTube first. It’s the second-largest search engine after Google, and it generates over a billion watch hours daily. With more than two billion monthly users, it means about a quarter of the global population watches YouTube videos every month. From explainer videos to live streams, this shows you video marketing is the future of business marketing.

Incorporating video in your marketing strategies offers increased brand exposure and many other benefits such as:

Provides Multiple Ways To Market Your Brand

With video marketing, there are endless ways to deliver content to your desired audience. From Youtube to a Facebook live, there are several ways to reach potential customers. This allows you to put your creativity to the test and create incredibly unique and compelling video content that captures and engages your target’s attention.

For instance, you can use video marketing to:

Tell Our Brand Story From a First Person View

Like video content marketing, brand storytelling is a popular way to deliver content. It involves using an empathy-evoking narrative paired with shared consumer values to connect with your target audience. In other words, it’s a narrative describing everything about a company from its inception, future goals to what drives it.

While there are various ways to tell your brand’s story, video is the ideal medium. The combination of quality visuals, music, and motion makes brand stories told through video more engaging and helps portray a brand as human and approachable.

explainer video for potential customers

Increase Brand Awareness

Besides brand storytelling, you can also use video content marketing to increase your brand’s awareness. Branded videos are pretty effective as brands that use video content report about 41% more traffic, making online videos successful.

Show Service or Product in Use

Because videos are easy-to-digest, creating videos to show your product in action helps your target audience easily understand how it works and visualize how it’ll impact their lives. The engaging content format with the visuals makes your product look more interesting and compels prospects to buy.

Different Social Platforms You Can Use For Video Content Marketing

To ace your video marketing strategy, share your content on these social platforms: 

  • TikTok: Although TikTok is the baby of video-based social media platforms, it is one of the most powerful platforms for video marketing, thanks to its over 14 -million daily active user base. TikTok users spend about 52 minutes on the app daily and open it about eight times a day.
  • YouTube: As a free online video sharing platform and one of the biggest search engines globally, using YouTube for video marketing is critical for any business looking to maximize the power of video content.
  • Facebook: Facebook videos reportedly receive about 32 – billion views per day, making it one of the best social platforms for brands who want to tap into the power of video content. Out of all social channels, Facebook is a great place to run video ads.
  • Instagram: This app has more than a billion active users. As a photo and video sharing app, videos are pretty popular here and generate twice more consumer engagement than photos. Instagram also has a live video feature that can be saved and posted later on many channels, making it easier to provide content for your audience.
Use Video Marketing On Social Media Channels

How to Create Engaging Videos

It is no secret that videos have become a part of our everyday lives. However, your content still needs to be authentic and of excellent quality to create engaging videos that capture and engage the target audience. Invest in a quality still camera and good lighting accessories such as softboxes to create video content with quality graphics.

Here are more marketing tips for creating engaging marketing videos for: 

Web Pages

Adding an online video to your website and even landing page offers a unique way for brands to showcase their offerings, company culture, and personality. Instead of text block, they find unique content that compels them to visualize how your product or service will solve their pain point and inspire them to reach out. However, to achieve this impact with your web page videos, you need to use well-suited videos for each page on your site.

Here are a few examples of videos to use for web pages:

  •  Promotional videos: Use short, enticing videos to explain how your product or service works, various ways to use it, and the benefits it offers. A product video works well with your website content and can help a customer make a purchasing decision.
  • Behind the scenes videos: Take your viewers through production processes or daily corporate routines to help them relate to your business better. This can be valuable information for potential buyers and is where a video can really come in handy.
  • Tell your company story: Instead of long walls of text, create a short, engaging paragraph introducing your brand to the user, where you then tell your story in video format. The average person enjoys hearing the business’s story. These types of videos are great to put on your home page.

Social Media Pages  

Social media is a great tool and gives you even more opportunities to bring awareness to your brand. You can do live videos on social platforms like Instagram, Instagram stories, and much more. But ensure your online videos focus on:

  •  Showcasing your brand.
  • Helping prospects learn your company culture so they can better connect with your brand.
  • Explain different ways to use your products so new and existing customers can learn how to maximize what it has to offer.
  •  Features that showcase the essence of your products and services, or rather, shows the potential customer why they need your product.
Video content marketing and live video product videos

Endless Possibilities with Video Marketing Doesn’t Stop Here

Video Marketing today is as equally crucial to the success of your marketing campaigns as written content on your website. As more consumer internet traffic shifts to video content, businesses will also need to readjust their marketing strategies and budgets to focus on video advertising. The sooner you do it, the sooner you’ll leverage the excellent perks video content marketing has to offer for your business.

And with the tips above, the process should be easier, and video marketing will become an excellent tool for your business. If you need help with marketing videos, let’s chat! We are a trusted Lancaster SEO Company ready to help with all of your video marketing needs.

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