The Power of Social Media Ads

Paid Social

Facebook Ad Creation

Social PPC Ads Work

How often have you seen an ad in your Facebook feed for a product you just Googled five minutes ago? We all experience the power of social media advertising every time we open Facebook, Instagram or TikTok.  It can feel like someone is reading your mind or looking over your shoulder, but that means your campaign is working.

Paid social media advertising, like a PPC search campaign, can target users with specific interests, demographics, and buying behavior. It’s also highly scalable and a great way to build brand awareness. Trusted Search Marketing can create and optimize your paid social media advertisements and target an active audience who will spend and convert. There isn’t a better way to gain consumer trust and brand recognition than through social media likes, shares and comments. You’ll see more engagement with new and existing customers at a very effective cost, and social media advertising is a fantastic compliment to your existing search PPC campaign.

Facebook PPC Services

Social PPC Ad Management

It can be tempting to create and manage your own social media ads because at first glance it seems deceptively easy.  The truth is that DIY social ad campaigns often overspend and under perform.

We can help you save time and eliminate waste.  The Trusted Search team will guide you through the sea of social PPC ad management delivery options and strategies to customize a social campaign that’s within your budget and in line with your brand requirements. Using their technical and creative expertise, our social media marketers will design, deliver and execute a campaign that convert at scale. Since we constantly analyze feedback, we can test and refine your strategy, audience, brand persona, and ad formats to improve your conversion rate and reduce cost per sale.


Facebook & Instagram Ads

Facebook and Instagram Ad Experts

There are 7 billion people on this planet, and there are almost 3 billion Facebook users and 1 billion Instagram users. It’s no wonder 3 million companies advertise on both Facebook and Instagram.  Trusted Search media has purchased millions of dollars in Facebook and Instagram advertising for a diverse range of clients with a wide variety of conversion goals like product sales, lead generation, employee recruitment, and student enrollment just to name a few.  We can show you how to leverage Facebook and Instagram’s ad targeting tools to both attract new customers and convert customers lower in the funnel.  We can also show you how we create ads, test different variations of those ads for better performance, and track and optimize the entire campaign.



Paid Social Media Advertising

Snapchat and Tiktok Ad Campaigns

Snapchat is no longer just about filters and snapping selfies, and TikTok is not just about silly dances. Now these platforms are way for companies like yours to broadcast their advertising campaigns to millions of users. There are more than 46 million active monthly Snapchatters and 689 million active monthly TikTok users. Unlike other platforms, Snapchat’s video, picture, and gif ads are full screen. You’ll have the user’s full attention without distraction from other content like their friend’s puking rainbow Snap.  TikTok’s creative, collaborative, and fast-paced nature equals more engagement for longer periods of time and shows better receptivity, on average, when compared to other platforms. Trusted Search knows how the leverage the power of Snapchat and TikTok through unique, boundary-pushing ad creatives in formats that perform and convert.



Our Paid Social Marketing process

Social PPC Account Creation

Industry Analysis and Campaign Setup

The foundation of every social ad campaign begins with a comprehensive understanding of a client’s business, their top competitors, their industry, and their goals. We deep dive into the market while leveraging the expertise of our clients and their vast amount of industry knowledge to construct a powerful social ad campaign.  From this, we determine which platforms, ad types and targeting will produce the best results.

Social ads (in particular Facebook and Instagram ads) give us access to highly focused demographic, affinity group, and lifestyle targeting. For example, if you want to target single homeowners with an interest in design and decor, social ads are a great way to reach exactly that type of customer and drive them to your website. We can build multiple campaigns targeting a wide array of user interests and demographics that match your potential client persona and test them against your site’s desired goals and outcomes.

Instragram PPC ad creation

Creation Of Ad Sets and Creatives

Social PPC ads can be images, lead forms, videos and more. Based on our research and competitive analysis, our team will recommend specific ad formats to drive sales to your website. Plus, our talented team of designers, videographers, and copywriters can help you create highly effective social ads that will attract and convert even the hardest to reach customers. 

We continually track your progress toward your goals over the entirety of the campaign. We love continual A/B testing and believe that it’s something that’s paramount to keeping your ads performing and your conversion rate high. We can also work with your team to help increase the overall conversion rate of your landing page through small tweaks, edits and in some cases, a complete redesign of the page. If need be, our team can help design and create compelling new landing pages that will increase your conversion rate and lower your cost per sale.

Social Ad Reporting

Campaign Optimization and Reporting

The real work begins when the ads are live. As the social ads run live and drive sales to your website, we collect and review data in real time. Our team works to optimize the social campaign by testing different target audiences, bidding strategies, and ad sets. The more data we collect, the more effective our optimization will be. We typically find that a social ad campaign reaches its peak efficiency in 2-3 months, depending on traffic volume. 

Campaign results are made available to you 24/7 via your completely customizable client dashboard as well as monthly reporting and meetings with your client success manager. We need to make sure that our efforts are always moving the needle. It’s really the only metric that counts. Our team works hand in hand with your company to make sure that your social ads are performing and making a financial impact on your bottom line.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What social platforms can you use to advertise?

    Social Networking (Facebook, Linked In), Microblogging (Twitter, Tumblr), Photo Sharing (Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat), and Video Sharing (TikTok, YouTube, Facebook Live) are the most popular and effective social platforms for online advertising.

  • Is paid social cheaper than traditional PPC?

    Social media clicks are usually less expensive than traditional PPC, but depending on the target audience, paid social can sometimes have a higher cost-per-conversion. So although it could be cheaper for each specific click, it sometimes requires more clicks to convert a sale than traditional PPC. Cost depends largely on your industry and the type of campaign. Your Trusted Search consultant can provide insight into paid social costs for your specific industry.

  • How much do social ads cost?

    CPC for social ads can vary widely. With Trusted Search, you pay a set monthly fee for us to place and manage your social ads.  The monthly fee is determined by your campaign size, complexity and time demand. You will fund the ad spend account directly, and your rep will help you set a budget. A general rule of thumb is to spend the same monthly amount on ad spend as you do on the management fee.

  • What kind of targeting is available with social ads?

    Social ads give you the ability to target people based on demographic and behavioral data. Options include age, gender, interests, location, life events, or even a customized list you’ve built yourself.  Some social platforms allow you to target people who have interacted with your company before or lookalike audiences who have traits similar to your best customers. The key to successfully reach your desired audience is to have a good targeting strategy and reliable data.

  • How can you improve social media ads?

    It’s endless!  You can use social-friendly images, try new mediums (videos, lead forms, etc.), go live, use relevant hashtags, try animation, and test test test!  Testing allows you to compare multiple iterations of the same ad (or different ads) to find which one performs best.  You can even test different styles (i.e. selfie-style video, time lapse, and hand-held) and multiple versions of landing pages.