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The Benefits of Paid Search Marketing

A great PPC strategy can boost a business’s online traffic and increase sales. Instead of having to wait months for keywords to rank organically, paid search marketing produces a targeted and immediate result. PPC is extremely scalable and can be optimized, stopped, and started with the flick of a switch.

A professionally managed campaign by an experienced PPC Agency like Trusted Search Marketing will eliminate wasteful clicks and lower your cost per action. Using an agency to manage your pay per click campaign also provides specialized know-how like A/B testing ads, real-time market data analysis, and more.

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A PPC Company That Delivers Results

It common for some PPC specialists to launch campaigns and then put them on autopilot. But don’t worry, that is not us! We don’t “set it and forget it”. Our team of experts at Trusted Search will monitor and optimize your campaigns to produce industry-best results. 

Our battle-tested SEO process has built-in check points to make sure we are pointed in the right direction.  If we are, great!  We’ll keep our foot on the gas.  But if we see that we are getting a little off track or stuck in traffic, we’ll take a break to stretch our legs, refuel and course-correct.  Results are the ultimate destination after all, and Trusted Search has already blazed the trail.

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Why Use a PPC Management Company

Google is notorious for constantly moving the PPC goalposts. Marketers at an experienced PPC management company like Trusted Search will dedicate time and resources stay up to date with every rule change so that you don’t have to. A PPC management company will create a comprehensive PPC strategy that uses industry leading tools and expertise guided by decades of experience in paid search marketing. PPC marketing is an incredibly powerful tool when managed properly by the right team.

Trusted Search will help your business grow by increasing sales, growing your customer base, and defining a profitable ROAS.  If you’re still unsure if a PPC management company is for you, listen to this… 79% of marketers say PPC is hugely beneficial to their business and that the traffic acquired through PPC advertising yields 50% more conversions than organic advertising.

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Our PPC Management Process

We are self-confessed PPC geeks.  PPC is to Trusted Search as Game of Thrones is to cosplay.  We love the process just as much as winning the game. Your PPC campaign will kick off with a robust campaign setup process during which we focus on campaign structure, keyword research, targeting, and goal setting.  We will manage your PPC campaign to meet your specific conversion goals; for example, completed sales, lead form submissions or coupon downloads.  We’ll also create fresh PPC ads in formats ranging from text ads to video based on what will have the most impact on your audience.  Most importantly, we review your PPC campaign’s progress on the regular and optimize your campaign as necessary. If you’d like to learn more about our PPC process or gain a second opinion on your current campaign, give us a call!  Our PPC experts are more than happy to discuss options and evaluate your current PPC results.

Our PPC Process

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Campaign Setup And Analysis

We deep dive into your industry to learn how your potential customers search for you and your competitors. This lets us aggregate a comprehensive list of the most relevant transactional and informational keywords that relate to your business.

Besides keyword research, campaign structure and ad group optimization are the most important foundational aspects of a well-run PPC campaign. We will focus on targeting, bidding strategies, and budget optimization.

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Ad Creation And Optimization

Trusted Search will architect a PPC ad strategy that is hyper targeted to your industry. We work in different ad formats based on what we know will have greatest impact on your audience including images, videos, and text ads. Your ads can be optimized for a range Google Adwords product options like Smart Shopping Ads, Responsive Ads, and Local Service Ads.

Trusted Search’s talented team of copywriters and designers will then leverage your new ad creatives and landing pages to get conversions (e.g. the point of all of this hard work!), and test and track ad performance regularly.

PPC Campaign Optimization

Campaign Optimization

While some PPC agencies deploy a set it and forget it approach, we believe that the real work starts after a campaign is launched. Our team will continually refine your campaign to increase your conversion rate, lower your cost per sale, and eliminate wasteful clicks by expanding keywords, testing ad copy, testing your landing page, and optimizing bid strategies. Campaign refinement is an essential part of the process throughout your campaign’s lifecycle. The longer your campaign runs, the more data we have to refine and optimize your campaign’s performance metrics.

Our campaigns typically take about 2-3 months to run at peak efficiency. We adjust to market changes throughout the campaign.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I set a budget for my PPC campaigns?

    Your PPC campaign budget will depend on keyword cost, click volume, conversion rate, conversion goal, and your marketing budget.  For example, if you get 5 conversions for every 100 clicks, your conversion rate is 5%.  At $1.00 per click, each sale or lead will cost you $20.

    We then ask you the question – how many conversions do you want?  At Trusted Search we will gather and analyze this data for you to help set a PPC campaign budget that will produce the results you want.

  • What is PPC and why should I advertise with pay-per-click ads?

    Pay-per-click ads are purchased through Google’s ad auction. You can place ads in Google search results, on YouTube, and through Google’s partner networks. PPC is extremely scalable and can be targeted to the keywords you choose. You can see real-time data and continually optimize for better and cheaper conversions.

    A bonus to using PPC advertising is that it helps to identify the best keywords for organic (aka free) search. We can use your PPC data to find the keywords that produced the best results and then use them in your search engine optimization campaign.

  • How soon can my PPC campaign be ready to launch?

    The time from inception to launch of a PPC campaign is typically 30 days. The planning and prep time depends on the number of keywords and ad creatives in the campaign. A campaign with 50,000 keywords and a variety of ad creatives (which we’ve done before, FYI) takes significantly more time to launch than a campaign with 20 keywords and only a handful of ads. Clients who are involved and responsive help us to get the PPC campaign launched as quickly as possible.

  • How can I improve my PPC campaign?

    Hire an experienced PPC management company (wink wink!).  You can also make some quick and easy changes like testing new high-performing keywords, using negative keywords, updating ad copy, trying remarketing, creating new landing pages and optimizing for mobile.  And then continue to test test test!  Besides keywords and design, you can test headlines, descriptions, links, ad extensions, different CTAs and more.