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Display Remarketing

Display Remarketing

Drive Sales with PPC Remarketing

PPC remarketing (sometimes called retargeting) has been a game changer over the last decade. It’s a way to say “hey there, remember us?” to people who have previously visited your website or interacted with your ad. Past website visitors will see Google remarketing ads as banners on websites, while watching YouTube videos, or even while reading the latest news. 

Re-engaging and enticing potential customers who have already shown interest in your brand is one of the strongest conversion tactics in digital marketing.  Use PPC remarketing to reduce cart abandonment, grow sales, and increase brand recognition. It has even became common place to run different remarketing campaigns for different customer intents.

PPC Remarketing Expert

A Trusted PPC Remarketing Agency

Trusted Search Marketing is dedicated to producing top-notch remarketing campaigns with 100% transparency. PPC remarketing is our bread and butter, and we are beyond proud that our clients trust us over and over again to put their remarketing dollars to work.  We earn that trust not just by running killer campaigns but through something that is often hard to find – honesty. We love to celebrate the wins, but we are also up front and honest with our clients when a campaign doesn’t perform as expected. It happens to the best of us. Either way, we have clear and accurate reporting to prove it.  You own your PPC account, and you see all of your ads before they go live. PPC agencies are notoriously shady especially when it comes to reporting and control.  They’ll show you fancy vanity metrics like impressions, clicks, likes and follows.  Trusted Search focuses on what really matters – more business and ROI.

PPC Remarketing Services

When it comes to remarketing – Experience Matters!

Trust Search is big on strategy. We believe that a well-rounded, comprehensive strategy is what separates the experts from the amateurs, the winners from the losers, and the successes from the failures.  Remarketing isn’t difficult at first glance, and you can always give it a try. But setting up a weak, unoptimized campaign won’t get you the results that you are looking for, trust us. Trusted Search has years of experience working with high-dollar remarketing campaigns on multiple platforms. We know how to eliminate waste, hyper-target your audience and drive your return on ad spend. There’s a huge difference between a starter campaign and a professionally managed campaign by our PPC remarketing experts that have over 15 years of experience.

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Keep Potential Clients Coming Back

We’ll lead with this statistic: 97% of website visitors NEVER return (MailChimp). There is a massive hole in your funnel, and our retargeting services can help give you a second chance with the could’ve should’ve, if I only, what might have been customers. Remarketing is a powerful CRO tool that can stretch your marketing dollar further. Whether you are looking for a remarketing agency to retarget visitors on Google, Facebook, or Instagram (or elsewhere) we can help you execute a winning strategy with our team of experts. We have been running campaigns for over 15 years. Our team will leverage our experience as a remarketing agency and your experience with your brand to create a finely tuned campaign that will grow your business and take it to the next level.

Our Display Remarketing Process

Social PPC Account Creation

Campaign Setup and Analysis

Our very first step in your PPC remarketing campaign is to familiarize ourselves with your company’s industry and goals. We will deep dive into your brand, audience, and competitive landscape to learn how your potential customers search for you and why they didn’t stay.


Facebook Ad Creation

Ad Creation and Optimization

We will create a remarketing strategy that is designed to re-engage those “almost” customers. We use multiple ad formats that we select based on what will have the most impact on your audience including images, videos, animations, and text ads. Our talented team of copywriters and designers will work with you to create amazing ads that convert.


Facebook PPC Services

Campaign Refinement and Optimization

We never set it and forget it. A PPC remarketing campaign is like a toddler – when things go quiet you should probably be worried. We have the patience and attention span to monitor and continually refine your campaign by eliminating wasteful clicks, testing ad copy, and optimizing bid strategies.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is display remarketing?

    Display remarketing is a form of digital advertising that re-engages people who have previously visited your website or viewed your ad.  Think of it as reaching out to someone who recently looked at your LinkedIn profile.  It’s a “hot” lead.  Display remarketing can be a banner on a website, a native ad in search results, or a video ad on YouTube.

  • What are the best practices in retargeting?

    Our parents taught us to share, so here are our tips for retargeting.  First, do your research. It seems so basic, but understand your buyer journey. Be aware of frequency. Find the balance between overwhelming and underwhelming your target audience with repeated ads. Brand your ads and highlight your logo to make a connection between your brand and your audience. A/B test your creative ads and landing pages.  Refine your audience segments, promote an offer that is relative to the landing page, and include a clear call to action.  Be creative and keep display ads fresh and inviting!

  • How will my business benefit from display remarketing services?

    Remarketing is a great CRO tool that can build brand recall, increase conversion rates, and most importantly, produce high ROI.

  • How has Apple’s update affected remarketing campaigns?

    Apple and Facebook used to be friends, but not anymore.  Apple’s iOS 14.5 update released in April 2021 allows iphone and iOS device users to opt out of advertising tracking.  That means that millions of people, and more than half of all smartphone users, could potentially turn off the ability for advertisers to track their clicks.  It’s pretty tough to retarget an audience if you don’t know who they are, and this iOS update hits FaceBook particularly hard. It limits FaceBook’s ad targeting and tracking for app and web conversion events. Facebook ad reporting is also delayed because Facebook now requires a longer attribution window.

  • Are remarketing campaigns more effective than traditional search campaigns?

    What is macaroni without cheese?  Or Sonny without Cher?  One isn’t necessarily better than the other, but they are definitely better together.  Remarketing campaigns and traditional search campaigns are simply two different marketing approaches to reach the same goal – conversions and revenue.  Traditional search campaigns target people who actively search for keywords related to your product or service, while remarketing campaigns re-engage previous window shoppers who may have found your website through a PPC ad or other traditional marketing.