Instagram shopping is a game-changing feature of the Instagram app. Consumers can browse products and proceed to checkout without leaving the app and going to your online store — how cool is that?

Indeed, Instagram shopping has revolutionized social shopping for the over 1 billion users who use the app regularly. It has streamlined online shopping for millions of consumers by easing the buying journey. By eliminating the outdated process of switching from social media to store, Instagram shopping has improved shopping convenience for modern customers who pretty much shop online 100%.

If you have not given much thought to making a shop on this app, we will tell you why you should jump on board and learn how to set up Instagram shopping for your business.

Let’s dive in.

shopping posts on instagram  feed

Why You Should Use Instagram Shopping for Your Business

Here’s why your business needs an Instagram shop right away:

It Streamlines the Online Shopping Experience for Consumers

With so much to see and do on this app, from posts and stories, getting consumers to exit the app to visit your official business website is no mean feat. The Instagram shopping feature eliminates the hassle by letting you bring products right to consumer feeds and stories. Users can tell if a post is shoppable if a shopping bag icon appears at the bottom of the photo. Plus, the Instagram shop tab is another easy way for potential customers to purchase directly from your Instagram shop.

As a result, they can complete purchases in just a few swipes or even save products to purchase later. The Instagram checkout feature makes things even easier in the USA since consumers can click and pay right on the app. This is one of the biggest perks of the Instagram shop.

It Makes Product Marketing Seamless

Thanks to features like Instagram shoppable tags, your ads run directly on consumer feeds, stories, and explore tabs. This allows you to target consumers you wouldn’t have reached without a huge marketing budget.

Product tagging lets you reach customers who need or are genuinely interested in your goods because Instagram tailors product suggestions based on user interests. Checkout-enabled Instagram businesses can even market and sell products during Instagram live sessions. This is a fantastic Instagram shop feature that you shouldn’t overlook!

Set up instagram shopping

Here’s How to Set Up Your Instagram Shop

From confirming your eligibility, converting a personal Instagram account to a business or creator account to marketing, here’s a quick step by step guide to setting up an Instagram shop for your enterprise:

Ensure Your Business is Eligible

Your business needs to be based in a supported market and comply with Instagram’s merchant agreement and e-commerce policies to set up an Instagram shop. You also need an eligible product and an Instagram business account profile connected to your Facebook business page.

If you’re yet to set up a business account, you can always convert your personal account into a business account. To connect it to your Facebook page, go to Edit profile>Public business information>Page and select the page you’d like to connect or create one from scratch.

Upload a Product Catalogue

Your product catalog is what keeps your Instagram shop alive. You can add it using either the Facebook business manager or integrate it via an e-commerce platform such as Shopify. The former is often the preferred option since it allows businesses to promote products on Facebook and Instagram.

Wait for Approval

Once your product catalog is all set, you’ll need to submit your business account on Instagram for review and approval before your digital shop is up and running. Go to settings, click on sign up for Instagram shopping, follow the prompts, and then click submit once you’re done.

Usually, Instagram shop account reviews typically take a few business days for approval, but they may sometimes take longer. You’ll be notified on approval or in case your account needs additional information to verify ownership. If your account is approved, all you need to do is go to settings, tap business, then shopping, and you will then select a catalog to activate your Instagram shop.

Now that you’re set up, you can start maximizing some Instagram shop features, such as adding shoppable tags to your products. For example, tap on add photo, insert your caption, and then tap on “tag products” select photos and finally tap done, and share to add tags to your Instagram products. You can tag up to five products in one post.

shopping tab on your Instagram business profile

What If Your Shop is Rejected?

Unfortunately, not every Instagram shop gets approval. If yours isn’t approved, these could be the reasons behind the rejection:

You Did Not Comply

Instagram has stringent merchant and e-commerce policies and community guidelines that you must follow to set up your shop successfully. Not adhering to these policy requirements might be one of the reasons your Instagram shop was rejected. Review these policies to identify the guidelines you might have missed.  

Your Shop’s Location

The shopping feature isn’t available in all countries. If you’re confident you adhered to all policy requirements and your application was still denied, your location is another probable reason why your Instagram shop might have been rejected.

Make sure you entered the business address correctly.

Website and Domain Verification

Instagram requires businesses setting up shop to have a website domain where they sell products. If you don’t have a functional business website or didn’t provide one during the application process, your request for an Instagram shop might be rejected.

What to Do If Your Instagram Shop Application is Denied?

Your Instagram shop request has been denied — now what? Start afresh by disconnecting your Instagram from your Facebook business manager and pages, and then switch back to a personal account. This undoes any changes you might have made while setting up the shop.

Next, set up a Facebook page shopping template to increase your chances of product tagging approval and then start the application process all over again following the steps highlighted earlier on how to set up your shop.

Product tags on your Instagram  posts and facebook shop

Market Your Instagram Shopping

When your Instagram business shop is approved, your focus should be on marketing it to boost exposure and increase sales. Develop a social media strategy and create Instagram shopping posts. Be sure to tag products in your posts! Regularly post on your feed, and ensure you maximize the Instagram story feature. With over 4-million users actively using and watching stories on their Instagram profile, there’s plenty of sales potential for your business there.

To add shopping tags on an Instagram story, follow this simple procedure:

  1. Upload the product.
  2. Tap on the sticker icon on your screen’s top right corner.
  3. Click on the product icon to add anything you want in your product catalog to your stories.

Take Advantage of Instagram Shopping

This type of shop bridges the gap between online shopping and social media and creates a seamless shopping experience. It allows consumers to complete purchases within the app and enables you to market your products through Instagram posts and stories, which is where your customers spend most of their free time! The beauty of it all is you’ll make headway without incurring huge marketing costs.

And with 200 million Instagram app users visiting at least a single business profile every day, it’s a tool you should start maximizing now as it boasts immense lead conversion potential. Admittedly, utilizing the shop on Instagram efficiently requires a well-thought-out marketing strategy. If you strategically plan it out, you will not only gain brand awareness, but you will also see the positive outcomes of the Instagram app. If you aren’t sure how to create an effective marketing strategy, we are a Lancaster SEO company ready to help.

Let’s chat and let our digital marketing experts design a winning marketing strategy for Instagram Shopping.

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