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Digital Marketing Recruitment

Digital Marketing Recruitment

First things first. What is digital marketing recruitment? Simply put, digital marketing recruitment is the ability for businesses to attract new candidates through digital marketing tactics such as social media, email marketing, paid ads, and SEO. With an increasing number of candidates searching for new jobs online, digital marketing recruitment is your key to finding high-quality candidates for all of your current and future openings. Some companies believe that you can’t recruit talent online, but it’s quite the opposite. There are millions of searches every day targeting keywords related to job searches. Not quite sure how this all works? Let us show you how digital marketing recruitment can become a pivotal part of your digital marketing strategy. 

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Our Digital Recruitment Strategy

At Trusted Search Marketing, we have several customized digital marketing strategies and services to help your business secure high-quality candidates. One of the ways we help your business with digital recruiting is by learning about your company’s culture, brand, goals, and initiatives. By getting up close and personal with your brand, we can focus on developing a digital recruitment strategy that will attract only the best candidates for your company. Compared to traditional recruiting, digital recruitment strategies allow you to define an acceptable cost per hire and track which mediums and channels produce the best results for your business.

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Experienced Digital Recruiters

To provide your company with a successful digital recruitment strategy, we first need to understand your company and your industry. In order to do this, we will work closely with your team to learn about your brand’s goals, initiatives, and culture. Then, we’ll work together to plan a winning digital recruitment campaign and help your brand take it to market. The digital marketing recruitment plan will consist of identifying the appropriate and most successful channels for your brand (whether it is search marketing, social media, video marketing, job boards, or other mediums). Once the best channels for your company have been established, we’ll start creating ads, job posts, and job descriptions targeting those channels. After launching your campaign, our team will work closely with your team to assess the quality of the candidates you received and make sure your costs are in line with your expectations.

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We Know Digital Recruiting

Trusted Search was developed by our parent company, TrackFive. TrackFive has 15 years of experience creating online recruitment platforms and digital marketing recruitment campaigns to attract a wide variety of talent. TrackFive’s clients were so impressed with our digital recruitment abilities that they asked TrackFive to create personalized digital recruitment campaigns to help them recruit even more talent. This quickly caught on and so Trusted Search was born. Now it’s your brand’s turn to benefit from the knowledge, expertise, and success of Trusted Search’s digital marketing recruitment services. Call or fill out our form today for a free consultation!

Steps To Finding Talent Online

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Campaign Setup And Analysis

Times are different and recruitment marketing has gone digital. Trusted Search leverages new technology to attract, assess, and select the best potential candidates for vacant positions. We take the time to learn about your company’s brand and culture, making sure that your business is showcased to top talent throughout your recruitment channels. 

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Creating You Job Recruitment Platforms

After the team at Trusted Search understands your business, we will develop job boards, career websites, and mobile recruiting to reach your targeted candidates. Throughout your campaign, we will adjust these platforms where needed.

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Analyzing And Optimizing Your Campaign

Once your channels have been established, our content team will start creating! All of your ads, job posts, and job descriptions will match your brand, furthering your company’s goals every step of the way. When your campaign is launched, we will continue to optimize, to analyze the cost, as well as the quality of your candidates.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why are recruitment marketing services important?

    Digital marketing recruitment helps to make sure that high-quality candidates apply for your company’s open positions. Well done digital recruitment marketing helps to establish your company’s culture and attracts the most appropriate and qualified candidates to your positions.

  • What digital recruitment strategies are needed to attract applicants?

    To order to attract the right candidates, you first need to build a solid brand that attracts top talent. Improve candidate experience right from the start by increasing the visibility of your website and establishing stronger relationships with candidates through social recruiting!

  • Are there any regulations or rules regarding digital marketing recruitment?

    Yes, there are some rules that your company needs to be aware of when it comes to digital marketing recruitment services. There are HR requirement rules, discrimination rules, and specifically, with pay-per-click, there are special ad categories that limit your targeting abilities. PPC (specifically paid social) has changed drastically in 2021, so it is really important to partner with a digital marketing agency that understands how to use digital marketing recruitment strategies effectively in 2021.

  • How do you recruit on social media?

    Successful social media recruitment involves creating a solid brand presence, answering questions honestly and transparently, and providing insight into what it is like to work for your company. You want to give potential candidates an inside look into your company. Show them your company’s values, benefits, and culture.

  • How can you use video to effectively recruit candidates?

    Video content provides potential candidates with insight into the company culture, company personalities, and work life balance that you cannot replicate with a text-only job posting.