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improve ctr seo

11 Tips to Improve Your Organic CTR SEO

Search Engine Optimizers or SEOs frequently overlook optimization of sites for organic click-through rates (CTRs). Yet, the steps to improve organic CTR SEO (search engine optimization) are pretty simple to increase existing traffic. They are also largely independent of the usual focus of keyword ranking conversion, which is the “go-to” strategy. Let me explain this … Continued
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hub and spoke content model

The Power of a Hub and Spoke Content Model

The past decade has been nothing but revolutionary. Digital marketing went from keyword-stuffed blog posts to high-quality, thought-provoking content being a must-have. The hub and spoke content model is an efficient strategy in delivering such content. While it isn’t new, most marketers are yet to grasp just how powerful the content spoke strategy is, which … Continued
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What is a Content Audit and Why You Need to Do One This Year!

If you operate a website (or more than one), you may not be getting the full potential out of your business.  Having a website full of content dating back months or years may seem like the best way to be credible. But in most cases, old content can be a waste of space. Conducting a … Continued
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SEO tips for 2022

Top 9 SEO Tips for 2022

As digital marketers wrap up 2021 and look for SEO tips for 2022, it’s essential to reflect on the past year to see where digital marketing is heading. And, boy, was 2021 a big one.  Google Made a Lot of Changes in 2021 Over the past year, there were a little less than a dozen … Continued
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