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Stories have been a foundational element of the human condition since the beginning of time. Before mankind even developed common languages, pictures were etched onto cave walls to express tales of shared experiences, serving as a point of connection upon which relationships were built. While we’ve moved away from telling stories on cave walls and into telling them through digital screens, the goal of storytelling has remained the same. Our content marketing agency knows that your brand has a unique story, and we’re ready to tell it to the masses. Content marketing is a vital tool that helps people in the buying process as they are provided with connective and useful information that converts them from a random viewer to a loyal consumer and increases brand awareness.

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Content Marketing Services that Connect

Digital content marketing is unique because of its limitless possibilities, but not all types of content are beneficial to every brand or niche. Lucky for you, our experienced content marketing agency is dedicated to delivering personalized content proven to be useful to both your business and your clients to help build relationships and increase sales. During our SEO campaigns, Trusted Search will conduct a content audit where we uncover which media formats will best connect customers to your brand, live beyond just your website, and provide consumers with valuable information and brand recognition even after the purchase.

Content Marketing Services

We Are Expert Storytellers

At our content marketing agency, we don’t fly by the seat of our pants. We’ve been in the business of creating top-notch, connective content for over a decade and have built tried and true processes to produce the best results. Trusted Search knows that nobody knows your brand better than you. For that reason, we’re committed to deeply understanding your story. That includes evaluating your existing content and determining what works and what doesn’t, discovering where new opportunities lie, and using qualitative and quantitative metrics to track success. We believe that a content-centric marketing campaign needs to be a coordinated effort. This is why we don’t limit our content to just articles and blog posts. We use all forms of new and emerging media including video, podcasting, infographics, industry tools, interactive guides and much more to promote your brand. Not only can content be a great brand builder, it is also a fantastic way to earn valuable backlinks to your website as well as social likes and shares. 

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Content Marketing, Meet Results

Our content marketing agency doesn’t want to create content just to say we did it. We are committed to adding real value to your brand and your consumers that will boost sales, increase brand awareness, answer questions, and make your brand stand out from the rest. In addition to creating hundreds of pieces of compelling content for our clients, we’ve also created numerous industry-specific white papers, case studies and technical research documents. When possible, we like to tie our larger content initiatives (like a white paper or resource guide) to a secondary conversion point like an email address or lead form. This further increases the value proposition of our content creation services by having our content marketing efforts act as a catalyst for generating hundreds of inbound leads for your sales team. To learn more about our white papers, podcasts or video production capabilities feel free to reach out to us for a sample of our work.  It’s time to take your company to the next level and start connecting to your audience today with Trusted Search Marketing. 

Our Content Marketing Process

Content Marketing Agency Research

Market Analysis and Topic Ideation

Before we can begin creating engaging content for your audience, we need to understand your company’s history, goals, and unique selling points. This foundational knowledge lays the groundwork for your campaign so we can work alongside your business and tell your story. From there, we dive into your industry to further understand your clients and their unique needs or questions.

We turn hours of research into questions your users ask and perform very targeted keyword research for topics and questions in Google search, YouTube, and common question and answer sites like Quora. We also perform a content audit on your website to understand which content engages your audience and which doesn’t. We use our research to come up with engaging topics and begin the process for a content outline.

Content Marketing Services

Content Creation and Optimization

Once we have completed our research and identified content marketing opportunities, we begin to outline and construct the creative assets. We gather resources (both internally and externally) to make sure we have the subject matter expertise, production resources, and data needed to be able to produce valuable and industry-resonating content. Once we gather the data through reputable third-party sites, industry experts, or customer surveying, we start to write and design the content.

Throughout the content creation process, we not only optimize for the reader, but also for SEO. We use our keyword research to optimize the content for search related keywords so that your site can capitalize on the billions of searches performed each month.

Press Release Content Marketing

Promote, Promote, Promote!

After we’ve created top-notch content, it’s time to share it with the masses. Trusted Search will identify the channels that will be most effective for each piece of content and promote it across those platforms so your story can be told. Our expert content marketers will perform manual outreach to industry sites, media contacts, bloggers, influencers, and more. When applicable, we try to use parts of your content (stats, quotes, etc) for social media posts and paid promotion to help seed and amplify your reach. Our SEO team will also use the content as a linkable asset to help build you valuable backlinks that will help improve your search results and authority score.

We closely measure results throughout your campaign and make adjustments accordingly. This leads to more brand awareness, user engagement, social signals, and (of course!) increased sales. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does content marketing support digital marketing?

    Content marketing is the foundation of SEO.  Creating valuable and relative content with search keywords gives you the opportunity to rank higher in search results. It is much more of an organic online PR push. Content Marketing has the power to inform your audience about your brand, earn you links from other websites (which increases your authority), and is shareable on social media. It earns you conversions, is affordable and dependable for long-term use.

  • How is content marketing different from traditional marketing?

    Traditional marketing is effective at reaching large audiences and is typically used to gain a lot of exposure. Think tv commercials, print ads, radio ads, PPC, social ads and direct mail. The consumer doesn’t make a conscious decision to view the content but is instead forced to consume it. Content marketing, also called inbound marketing, delivers digital content with the goal of attracting interaction, clicks and views whenever the consumer chooses. Content marketing is permissive as opposed to interruptive. We use blogs, infographics, instructional videos and social media posts to actively engage, earn trust and provide a call to action, and it’s typically less expensive than most traditional marketing.


  • Why invest in content marketing?

    Content marketing is a great compliment to traditional marketing. It helps you capture an audience who may be adverse to traditional salesy marketing tactics by providing free information or entertainment to build trust and get conversions. Plus, if you create engaging, useful and shareable content, you can reach a large, targeted audience without a big budget. Content marketing done right will increase brand awareness, drive traffic, build relationships, generate social shares and backlinks, and grow revenue.

  • What are the types of content marketing?

    Anything you can dream up, really. Marketers are creating new types of content marketing all of the time. Some of the most common types of content marketing include social media posts, blogs, videos, email, infographics, podcasts, white papers, free tools, checklists, webinars, product demos and free apps.

  • What does a content marketing agency do?

    A content marketing agency will have a team that focuses on the strategies of creating and distributing videos, graphics, and written materials. The agency will produce and share these materials for the business, helping them generate leads and transactions and gaining valuable content that creates links, shares, and overall conversions.